When is the Customer Never Right

We are used to believe that customer is always right; but not really. I was walking by the mall last Tuesday when I noticed people where looking at a foreigner dining in Tokyo Tokyo restaurant only to realize he was scolding the waitress and manager at a tone close to shouting.
I paused for a moment and learned the white man was telling the waitress she had no brains and was not able to deliver what he wanted. He kept on repeating how brainless she was for not writing in detail his instructions on how he wanted his food to be cooked. He even accused her and the manager for deceiving him by confirming they could cook the food that way only to find out they did not bring him what he wanted.

People where already gathering as the man was commanding attention and the waitress and manager just kept nodding their heads as the man spoke.
The customer should have been kicked out in that situation as the manager should have not allowed such insults. For one, Tokyo Tokyo is a fastfood restaurant and you buy what is ordered and displayed according to their menu. The waitress may have misunderstood the man especially since English isn’t our first language and the man was speaking in an accent difficult for someone not used to it. The waitress inability to understand such instructions are reasonable enough not to merit public insults and scolding.
I wouldn’t care if the customer leaves and never comes back again. In fact, I would even ask the security to escort him out as they were already in the scene only waiting for the manager for their instructions.
When employees are maltreated and insulted like that, the CUSTOMER IS NEVER RIGHT!
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