Tiger Woods Wins 8th PGA Tour Player of the Year Award

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Nothing. Tiger Woods is one of the most successful people today that everyone ought to look up to; winning his 8th PGA Tour Player of the Year Award was achieved through focus, constant improvement, humility, adaptability and an amazing competitive spirit.

Focus – he lost some competitions but this guy kept on coming back with more focus than ever. People said he lost his focus when he went on a losing streak a while back but he insisted he never lost his eye on the target and would not stop to get back to top form. He ended this year’s PGA tour by winning the last six tournaments which included the British Open and PGA Championship.
Constant improvement – everyone except Tiger said his swing was already perfect. Tiger did not stop honing his craft and believed there was always a room for improvement.
Humility – drugs, gambling, TV shows, movies, celebrity status, etc. did not occupy Tiger Woods; he kept his head down thinking he could lose the next time around.
Adaptability – he has used long drives for the longest time, but in recent competitions, he went for short shots depending on situations. No terrain or obstacle has kept him out but instead he has shown how to adapt in different situations.
Competitive spirit – looks at his record.
The corporate world has a lot to learn from Tiger Woods; his attitude and skill arsenal are applicable and valuable to any manager or leader. Go and learn from the Tiger…
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