Stopwatch Blast for Christmas

What was the coolest gift you received this Christmas? I had a blast with the stopwatch my GF gave me. I always wanted to have one but for some reason the store was always out of stock every time I set out to purchase one.
What was it for?

My sister and GF would shake their head every time I started the stopwatch and measured our travel time, time we had to wait in the movie ticket booth, or how long the order came in the restaurant, etc.; I would laugh every time I see their faces.
We went out for lunch, coffee and some strolling yesterday; and to my surprise, we were only out for 4 hours which was way too fast our usual 6 to 7 hour timeline for such activity. The stopwatch helped me become more conscious and aware of the time elapsed and as a result helped me speed things up.
I am extremely pleased because now I am aware of the time it took for certain activities which could help myself plan my daily routine better. How it would help or distract me in the long run is something I would like to see.
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