Rapid and Continuous Learning is a Basic Skill Everyone Ought to Learn

We are now in the Information age where battles are won through the power of the mind fueled by the amount of knowledge a person possess used at the right and at the right place. The ability and speed to acquire knowledge is one of the utmost important skills a person needs to become successful in his career.

You should continuously develop your skill of fast learning to be able cope with the demands of the time, stay competitive and control your destiny. Continuous learning is not only a requirement to rise above your peers but is the basic need to stay with them, and staying with your peer’s means keeping your job. Loyalty within the organization has been shoved aside in favor of better and more skilled individuals.
Experience in Point
Four years ago I worked with a 45-plus-year-old programmer named Alvin who just arrived from the United States after working there for more than 20 years as a chemical engineering professional. I learned he was the school mate in college of our consulting division partner who helped him get work with us for 6 months as an entry level programmer but receiving only allowance. His reason for seeking out the job is to get experience in I.T as he was bent on changing careers in the hope of doubling his income. Nevertheless he contends that companies favor chemical engineers with I.T. knowledge.
The need for rapid learning doesn’t only apply to your current profession or skill sets but it’s possible for people to change their career due to economic factors to address basic living needs or elevate status of living.
My parents once told me when I was a kid that they cannot give me everything but they would teach me to get everything I want through education and teaching me to tirelessly acquire and use knowledge to execute at the right place and at the right time.
How do we develop rapid learning?
The skill to learn new things is honed through constant study which involves reading books, reference materials, news, watching informative shows, interacting with peers, joining discussion groups, etc. The amount of resources is huge and more than enough for any single person to utilize in a lifetime. Having said that, the only factor that would determine your ability to learn fast is your determination and drives to acquire knowledge continuously.
Dreams become closer to reality
Remember this, the more knowledge you acquire the faster you close the gap between your dream and reality.

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