Put the Guns Away Far from McDonald Stores

I went to McDonalds Paseo Center friday morning to have a good breakfast after a long week of work; but as it turned out, I was disappointed with the experience. I don’t normally eat at McDonalds for breakfast except on that day since it was the closest food chain in the area I was roaming around with before heading to work.

To my disappointment I did not feel safe and comfortable with mean looking security guards swaying their shotguns left and right at my back. On the outside of the restaurant was an armored vehicle which told me the mean looking guys were probably escorting any cash transactions taking place.
For what it’s worth, how could you feel comfortable eating your breakfast knowing that they may accidentally shoot that weapon at your back at close range? I have known of similar incidents in the past and unfortunately I was on field work at one time when we heard a shotgun fire from nearby; as it turned out, it was an accident and a poor employee had his internal organs blow out of his stomach.
Whatever the reason they have, businesses should always ensure the safety and the great experience of their customers. There are a lot of hamburgers out there and what makes the big difference from one store to another is the experience and their level of customer service.
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