Procastination Syndrome

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is guilty of procrastination at least once in their life. We have to be aware that procastination is a sickness which only resides in your mind. There are a lot of reasons why people procrastinate and we shall be discussing the most common ones.
Plain boring
The task is boring and people normally put this off for some other time. Think again. The more we procrastinate; the more we find ourselves being drawn from completing our tasks which would feel more unpleasant as time goes by.
But remember its all in the mind. Think of it in another way. Instead of thinking how boring it is, think how much relief and satisfaction it would give by finishing it right away. Get excited that the faster you accomplish your tasks the faster it gets off your world.
Confusion kills productivity. Whenever we are confused, our initial preference is to put it away for the time being. I have been guilty of this occasionally. My general principle says I cannot waste time resolving issues when I can accomplish other things right away.
My previous architect disagreed though. He would stress to seek out help, use Google groups and find every means possible to understand and get it done. His main philosophy is that I will have to finish it, so finish it now, and not tomorrow, or in any other day.
Everyone fears failure. Everyone wants to win either knowingly or unconsciously. Proscatination is a bigger failure than failure itself. Face failure like a Man.
Procrastination is bad as time flies so fast and you will never notice how much opportunities have gone away because of this attitude.
Get hold of yourself and get things done. Its all in the mind.
Updated: 102006
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The Substitute - Failure Is Not an Option

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