Never Say Anything Negative About Your Group or Company

The worst impression you could give a person about you is having “an attitude”. The “attitude” we are talking about is within a context found in this dialogue:

Colleague A: I believe you came from another division within the company, what made you transfer?
Colleague B: My previous group was horrible, you need to make sure the manager is your buddy otherwise you get axed in your evaluation. The manager had favorites and I couldn’t get into his circle no matter what I do.
Colleague A: Is that so? I would like to believe we have a process that reward people based on their performance and output.
Colleague B: I am the best and have done the most among my peers; without me our project would not survive.
Unless you are talking to your friends or family, never assume the position of Colleague B, and also be on the lookout for people of such nature. It may look funny, weird or whatever you may call it; but I have heard lots of people in the same tone as Colleague B. People become emotional at times, and when they are emotional they become irrational; what remain constant is the impression people will have on you, so be careful.

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