Microsoft stop your arrogance, you just ate Apple's dust

Microsoft and Steve Ballmer just ate Apple’s dust after the Cupertino tech giant became the most valuable tech company in the world.
Steve Ballmer remained arrogant dismissing Apple’s rise — “I will make more profits and certainly there is no technology company in the planet which is as profitable as we are, Stock markets will take care of the rest.”
Microsoft is going to make more money because they have been making ton loads of money ever since but they never bumped it up the way Apple did.
When Steve Ballmer became the CEO of Microsoft the software giant lost a large percentage of their market value from $556 billion dollars to $219 billion dollars. Apple who almost filed for bankruptcy in the early 90’s steadily pushed their market value to $221 billion dollars via one great product innovation after another.
Microsoft and Steve Ballmer should stop their arrogance and get their acts together. They are turning to be the next IBM losing market dominance demoted to just like any tech company. Microsoft has bombed out on a number of products — Zune, windows mobile, search, vista. Their push to the cloud computing via Azure is just forcing their desktop, bloated technology on a cloud, good luck with that.
I am a Microsoft technologist for the longest time, never liked Apple, never owned any Apple product. Today, I cannot be more impressed by Steve Jobs and what they have done financially and innovatively. Today, I cannot be more disappointed on the direction Microsoft is going.
Image from google/images tagged as from AP.

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