Link Read: Fundamentals of Healthy Money Earning Bodies

There is a very good post over at John Chow titled With Better Health Comes More Money Online. It talks about taking care of yourself to be healthy enough to earn more. He stress the obvious fact that people tend to sacrifice their bodies for wanting to get rich.
The author, Alex Shalman, lists “9 Fundamentals of Healthy Money Earning Bodies” namely:

Drink A Tub Full of Water
Sit Up Straight You Slouch
Daily Cardio Works The Discipline Muscle
You Are What You Eat
Create Daily Habits For The Win
Take A Mental Dump
Love What You Do
Set Your Targets
Daily Schedule

“Sit Up Straight You Slouch” put a smile on my face as I was guilty of it while reading the post. Anyways, go and read the full article here.

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