Laziness is all in the Mind

When I was a young kid I barely made to the honor’s list not because I was dull but because I was too lazy to study.
This changed through a simple advice given by the school year’s valedictorian. During my freshman high school year a senior valedictorian candidate ran for President of the student council. He was so intelligent judging by the way he spoke, answered questions and debated on a lof of issues.
He kind of became my school role model. One day I happen to walk along side of him in the hallway. We chatted a little and towards the end of the conversation I asked him for advice how to be like him.
His answer was simple. Laziness is all in the mind. Teach your mind to be strong enough to tell your body to start things off.
That was a surprise to me on how simple it was supposed to be. From that day onwards whenever I feel lazy to start something I tell myself — “Laziness is only in your mind Milo, laziness is only in your mind Milo!”
From that day onwards, I ranked number 3 in our entire batch in my technical subjects, have consistently made it to top students academically and have won lots of medals from various competitions. Fours years after I even ran for student council President (hmm, that’s a different story to tell).
Even now, 14 years after that advice was given to me, I have not let laziness get in my way. Of course there are times that you just don’t feel doing something. But still the world is moving too fast to let up. So I say the magic words — “It’s all in the mind…”.
The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

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