I Thought People Don't Watch TV Anymore Until Someone Made A Big Deal About It

I never thought about television, nor did I feel that people still watch TV until Steve posted about his 30-day non-television watching exercise. It seems odd but I came to realize it has been years since I watched shows regularly and had it not been for World Cup 2006, it should have been almost two years without TV, which came natural instead of using a conscious non-watching chart.
The last time I remembered watching regular television was back in high school around 14 years ago during the time of Baywatch and Battle of Brains (local intellectual competition); and later I occasionally caught The Practice once in a blue moon. The only time I get to watch television is during an nba finals game (but for the last three seasons I was content on reading the live text report at sports site) and the World Cup which happen once every four years.

Is there a reason to watch television?
I can’t understand why people get glued to their television sets instead of doing things that would help them reach their goals a step closer. TV is a big waste of time and instead of sitting down watching non-sense entertainment shows, I’d rather sit in front of my computer honing my programming skills, reading high-content quality articles, doing stuffs that matter to my career and personal life, watching local and collegiate basketball games lives, or watch favorite shows on DVD.
Yes, I have been watching Smallville, CSI and 24 but I make sure I watch them during my off days and after my productive hours of work and development. The shows I watch are of high popularity ratings and aired on primetime where I have the most energy to extend more of myself and become better. What I do is to buy one whole season of these DVD’s and watch them in installments using spare time or just before bed time when I am ready to crush.
How about getting the latest news?
My source of news is the internet as it gives me quality content right away sans all the commercials. Most of the hottest news reported daily have videos that goes together with the content giving you what you need as fast as possible plus the video to make it interesting like what I just watched moments ago on Hotair about Muslim Terrorists.
Is it better to give up TV?
Time flies so fast that if I allow myself to go in a routinely time wasting schedule, I will just wake up one day feeling old at the age of 40, having done nothing significant to allow me to retire and cruise at an early stage. Put more years on top of that and I will just find myself just like any other old man waiting for his retirement pay to live out the rest of his existence.
Information get be read all over the place and with no commercial breaks that gives you the bang for the buck of time spent. Occasionally, you might want to go back watching TV, but after you get used to it, you would be better off without it.
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