How to Be the Optimistic Good Guy

An optimistic person sends out a positive aura that grabs people to mingle and like you. Optimism helps a person become far more productive which contributes to greater success.
Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are pessimistic; they find it convenient to fill their minds with negative thoughts rather than hope and optimism. The find that expecting nothing is better than hoping for something and end up disappointed.

How to be the optimistic guy
Chill-out – don’t expect everything is working your way. Life is a wheel and whenever you are at the wrong side of the turn chill-out. Go out and find outlets to release pressure and negative feelings. Staring at something and forcing yourself to be fine won’t likely work.
Downplay but do not take for granted – if things go wrong, downplay them to ease the negative emotions. If you were not able to join an outing or important gathering because of prior non-enjoyable work, just assure yourself of the benefits you will get from work and the gathering isn’t going to be that fun as you thought it would be.
It’s not the person – I was thought that people should not be blamed when they make mistakes; processes and events should be factored at the top of the priority. Do not blame yourself when something bad happens and look at events and other external factors that could have caused the incident. If you were not able to accomplish something do not tell yourself you are not good enough; instead, recognize you need more training and education to deliver at high levels.
Stand-up – don’t be afraid to fail and always stand-up. Optimistic people learn and use their failure to get back on track.
Same feathers flock together – make sure you hang out with optimistic people. Their attitude will help you stay positive and optimistic.
It takes time and practice to become an optimistic person. Live a positive life and get rid of negative things as fast as you can.

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