Holy Kettle Corn is a Damn Old Product that Hits Big

Holy Kettle CornI first noticed a stall of Holy Kettle Corn in a mall one or two months back; today, I could not help but notice it is all over the place and our country quickly became a popcorn eating region. I became curious and checked their website learning they already have 27 stalls and are located in every mall I frequent (that explains why I see them all over the place).
This is definitely a quick success story using a common and simple product sold in a non-popcorn country like ours.
What made it instantly big?

Popcorn is not rocket science; but they managed to turn something neglected for all time, through a unique taste, superior packaging and price.
Taste – salty and sweet. When I first tasted their popcorn I instantly noticed a unique flavor of salt and caramel very different from the usual butter, barbeque, and cheese flavors I have eaten for the last twenty years.
Packaging – the package as seen on the picture above has a simple and colorful branding on a sealed paperbag; but most importantly, their killer marketing slogan:

No Butter
No Preservatives
No Artificial Flavoring
High in fiber

Most of the products sold nowadays have these characteristics but no one emphasizes it best than Holy Kettle Corn.
Price – the smallest bag is priced P25.00 (less than 50 cents) and their biggest bag which was good for three people is priced P60.00 (more than a dollar).
This is so cheap compared to the raw popcorns I buy at the supermarket and those sold at movie houses.
Looking at how many people are lined up buying Holy Kettle, I could not help but shake my head how something so simple could become so big through simple ideas.
Is the phenomenon sustainable?
I have my thoughts about it but I would post them at a later date. For a preview, I saw two new competitors, today at the mall, with their own version of Holy Kettle.
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