Evade and Survive

Never let anyone push you around.
So my advice to you is simply this: Never let anyone push you around. First, try to defuse the situation. If you can’t do that, stand up and defend yourself. — Bob Parsons
Courage is a special kind of knowledge. It’s knowing how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared. — David Ben Gurion

Since I was a kid I was the kind of person taught to fight for what I felt was right.
I could still remember the day I was in preparatory grade when I was around 6 years old when a bunch of guys beat me up. The reason for their actions was my refusal to sit in front of the school bus rather than at the back where I already sat. It had been their bully’s rule that the younger ones were supposed to sit at the front while the senior ones were at the back. I really did not care about the bully rule since I was the first one who arrived at the bus and wanted to have a good elevated view by sitting at the back. This prompted them to confront me which ended up in a fight. Four 12 year old kids pushed me and tried to beat me up.

My instincts did not allow that to happen without a fight though. I never backed off but instead I fought with them fist against fist, kick against kick. People began shouting and the bus driver noticed the commotion and saw what was happening. By the time he got to part us all away my shirt was wet with blood. My nose bled from the punches it received. All the kids were shocked at what had just transpired. I may have been beaten, but certainly I had the courage to fight and defend myself no matter what. I did not allow myself to be bullied or pushed around like a loser.
Though I was actually transferred to another school bus by my parents after that. My mother was horrified at my appearance.
I grew up believing that I should always fight for my rights no matter what. I had to defend myself at all cost.
I still have this belief right now but on a different level already. After watching the movie “Behind Enemy Lines” I came to realize the importance of their motto — “Evade and Survive”. I learned to think differently. It’s time I choose the battles I should engage in. The battles I know I could win either easily or through enormous amount of hard work and determination. Instead of focusing my energies on a losing cause I would rather channel my efforts on things I know I could win in the long run. Efforts that will result in victories for myself, my family and loved ones.
Where I am today and where I want to go will never materialize if I run away. Neither will I be able to accomplish my goals if I lose and break apart.
So I advice to fight with all your might on battles you know you can win. Evade and Survive. Choose your Battles wisely.
Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

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