Dress for Success

A few years back I read about Larry Ellison, CEO and founder of Oracle, about his emphasis on dressing for success mantra. Substance should be the first and foremost priority in gauging an employee; but presentation is your first blood attack that leaves a lasting impression on people.
The way a person looks greatly contributes to the respect and seriousness of your business.
Tips for dress for success

1. Well groomed hairstyle – unless you are in a rock band, make sure your hairstyle presents a clean and good looking appearance
2. Shaved – don’t look like you served the prison for years.
3. Cleaned and trimmed fingernails – for guys it would not be advisable to have long fingernails. There is nothing wrong for guys to support long fingernails but it definitely says how much you shy away from work. For girls, make sure your nails don’t look like your defensive weapon.
4. Ironed and cleaned clothing – avoid buying clothing that crumples immediately after it gets ironed. Wear clean clothes and if stains were not removed by the laundry, exert effort to clean it up.
5. Conservative look – if your working environment has a uniform, don’t undress yourself but support a conservative look.
Do not undervalue dressing for success and under dressing could be the best indication of how uneducated you are. Make sure you are on top of dress codes for events, appearances or any engagement you may have.
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