Coca-Cola Themed Monopoly

Coca-cola MonopolyI am a big fan of Monopoly board game and have played this with friends & family for the longest time. It teaches a number of business skills from finance, negotiation, chance, risks, etc. Playing monopoly while drinking Coke is a common happening for me, and as such, the would be release of Coca-cola Monopoly board game to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the beverage company is an exciting news for me.
As reported: “Next May 8th will be the 125th anniversary of The Coca-Cola Company and we just received the first licensed item celebrating the anniversary. Coca-Cola has produced two Monopoly games in the past, the first was done in 1999 and the second, a Classic Ad Collectors Edition was released in 2005. The goal of the new version is to have standout collectibles items from throughout the 125 year history of the Company.”
Go ahead and read the full news here (image source also came here) — New 125th Anniversary Monopoly Set.

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