Businesses Can Capitalize and Profit from Customer Ignorance and Sloppiness

I bought three bottles of 1.5 litres of Pepsi from our local store. A large promotional label was printed on the bottle explaining how to join a lucrative raffle draw thru a text message.
I sent three text messages using the bottle code found at the back of the cap as instructed by the label; eventually I received a confirmation about my raffle entry. After a few minutes my girlfriend noticed a small text of line saying the promo was valid until , which was a month ago.

Why did I receive a confirmation message about my raffle entry? Why did my SMART phone network charge me almost three times per text message when the promo and number should no longer be valid? Why didn’t Pepsi and SMART disable or refunded to me the amount from the text message?
It’s not their fault. It is my and the rest of the customer’s fault that they didn’t read the tiny message at the end of the label. Nevertheless, both companies played dumb, capitalized on it and continue to profit from our ignorance and sloppiness.
Did they do it on purpose? No, because it wasn’t their priority since the raffle ended a long time ago and they had the tiny text message indicating it so.
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