Bill Gates, dreams do come true…

In 9 hours and 7 minutes I will live my dreams and see Bill Gates in person.
For someone who cannot afford one complete meal a day, only had two pair of pants and two polo shirts in 4 years in college (so worn out by the time I graduated), walked 4 kilometers to get to school because a transportation of P 1.50 (.041 cents) was too much; these things happening to me in my career is unbelievable.
Heads-up, I was chosen by my company (Accenture Avanade) of more 7,000 employees (in Manila only) to use the only seat given to Manila Center to attend the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2006 where Bill Gates is delivering the opening key note and facilitate the question and answer session after. One of the youngest and newest employee of the company at 27 years old, I lead the Subject Matter Experts in Collaboration (SharePoint, Project, Office, CMS, VSTS, ACA Portal) of the Philippines.
It took me all my strenght turning nights into days to work my way out of poverty and get to where I am right now.
What are my Philosophies?

Work with all your might and believe with all your heart
Dream do come true
Impossible Is Nothing
Become Second to None
Bill Gates’ Philosophies 🙂
… more to come

Was It Easy?

Hell No!

Anyways, I will be updating you and continue working on this blog to share my insights and beliefs on how to get out of povery and be the best you can be to reach your goals and ambitions in life.
For now, I will focus all my energies until May 19 to live my dreams and work with the best people in the world.
I shall return…

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