Act While it is in the Preventive Stage Rather than Curative

This is my first post about health & fitness, a part of the personal development theme of this blog. As an old Chinese saying goes — a strong body is a strong mind. What’s the use of becoming a great leader with all your experience and knowledge when you are lying on your death bed and can’t even lift a finger on your own?

I remembered back in high school our Salesian priest at Don Bosco Makati told us that preventive measure is better than curative measure which is exactly what kept Sheryl Crow alive until now. I am reading this article about her struggle on cancer titled “Don’t Wait – Get Checked“. In an excerpt: Why wait six months. If this is anything, let’s get a jump.
That is why I feel so strongly about encouraging all women 35 and over to get yearly mammograms or if there is a history of cancer on either side of your family, not just breast but any cancer, that starting your yearly mammogram even earlier than 35 is recommended simply to create a baseline. Early detection is the best prevention.

A lot of companies I know require their employees annual medical check-up using their health care benefits. If your company doesn’t provide health care for these kinds of treatment, save and don’t hesitate to use them for your check-up. Preventing sickness far outweighs taking curative medications; and a few bucks could save you a lifetime of joy.
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