Five People for Your Success

Darren at Problogger has a group writing project themed Top 5. I think this is great which immediately reminded me of the top business people I have admired throughout the years. Reading and studying them would greatly help you become successful in your chosen career.
My top five business icons are:
1. Bill Gates – the owner of Microsoft has proven that the best products are not the most saleable ones. His company had endured criticism of their product releases but still piled up ton loads of money and sales with it.
2. Jack Welch – the legendary CEO of GE who has helped make the company the most valuable organization in his time.
3. Larry Ellison – the founder and CEO of Oracle is a marketing genius combined with his bold attitude that exudes confidence among his people and fear among his competitors.
4. Warren Buffet – the greatest investor in history remains meek, humble and lives a simple life despite making it as the second richest man in the World for so many times over.
5. Donald Trump – every place is stamped with Trump.

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