Install DOSBox in Windows 10

If you are nostalgic and would like to be able to revisit codes you have written in GWBasic or Turbo Pascal, or teach your kids the earlier programming languages you have learned, you would not be able to run the interpreter or compiler directly in Windows 10. What you need is an emulator like DOSBox.

Below are the steps to installing DOSBox in your system.

  1. Go to DOSBox (
DOSBox HomePage
DOSBox HomePage

2. Go to Downloads (, click on “Download Now”.

DOSBox Downloads
DOSBox Downloads

3. Click on DOS Box executable

DOSBox Executable

4. Click on  “Next” to agree on license

DOS Box Install License

5. Click on  “Next” on current Setup Options

DOSBox Install Setup Options
DOSBox Install Setup Options

6. Click on  “Next” on Folder Location

DOSBox Install Folder Location

7. Click on  “Next” Completed Installation

DOS Box Install Complete

8. Click on DOSBox-0.74-2

DOSBox Install Application Link

9. You are all set, go and enjoy running, coding on legacy languages

DOSBox Application Launch
DOSBox Application Launch

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