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Comics – I waste a lot of money on comics to my wife’s disappointment. I believe this is a good vice compared to the alternatives — cigarette. My first collection included comics that my mother collected a generation ago. I’ll also be tracking comic superheroes in prints, movies, entertainment, etc.

Computers Computer news, tips, guides. This is where I write about computer technology at a technical & management capacity.

Facebook – The workplace is demanding and Facebook especially Facebook Games could be so damn easy and idiotic that I actually found something to do that doesn’t require slavery.

Family – this is where I talk about family, parenting, kids, teens, being a father, and all things related to my beautiful and dearest loved family.

Filipino – too much English and I forget my nationalistic character. Filipino translasyon ang lugar na ito (This is my Filipino translation of Milo Riano).

Food – I love food and here I post the cooking techniques that helped me grow into 235 lbs, a certified obese. But reality kicked and now I have lost weight — 55 lbs.

Fun Stuff – all my interests and current bursts of interest — chess, bass guitar, music, collecting magic cards, etc.

Health & Fitness – I didn’t lose 55 lbs in recent months for nothing. I wouldn’t lose another 15 lbs if I didn’t have the knowledge. Health is Wealth. Fitness is King.

Homeschooling – My parents were my first teachers and they continued to do so for years. I am homeschooling my son. While I thought of sending him to a toddler school starting 6 months onwards, I realized he is losing a genius teacher in me and my wife.

Household – Being the family guy makes you “the man” of household chores. Fixing faucets, renovating the house, painting, working with carpenters and other DIY (Do-It-Yourself) stuff lands on your plate.

How To’s – “How To” do this. “How To” do that. “How To” whatever.

Philippines – Philippine news, tips, guides for tourists, observers, and everyone else.

Photography – all the amateur photos I take on anything, anywhere and anytime. This site also includes Photography news, tips, guides, etc.

Power Money – I am not into “power” but I do love making “money”. Money unfortunately or fortunately brings you certain amount of power. I want to be a CEO, and removing power & money is just out of the question.

Science Tech – I am a geek. I am a technologist. I am desperate to be a scientist. It’s who I am. It’s how I’m wired.

Sports – Who doesn’t love sports? Even a geek and future computer scientist can have a passion for sports. Here you’ll find my favorite teams Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Real Madrid. I’ll also talk about Miami Heat whom I started to dislike because of their stupid tri of young superstars — Chris Bosh, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade. And then there are the real superstars — Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant, & Kobe Bryant.

Supercars – I’m not into cars. I’d rather walk or commute to places. I believe every move I make is an investment to my heart. And did I mention I stay at home most of the time. Nonetheless, I am fascinated on how these supercars are built. Maybe someday I’d grow to like them and get myself one when I do become richie rich.

Top Lists – Everybody have their own top list. Here is mine.


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